Our Core Values

At Jumbotail, we believe that the bedrock of a great enduring company is its core values, and how well its employees internalize them in their everyday life. After deep introspection, we have defined our core values that are meaningful to us, and that will help us endure our long journey towards realising our vision. Our values are not ornamental things that we boast about during good times, but rather are our guiding lights that help us make everyday decisions, especially during challenging times. We go great lengths to hire the best talent who are deeply aligned with our values. If we need to make a choice, we almost always give the benefit of doubt to someone who we believe is a better fit in terms of alignment with our values. Here are the 15 core values we live and die by.

Customer fanatics

We start with our customers and work backwards. We raise above our teams and charters to solve a customer problem. We get out of our cubes and see the real world. A look on ground is worth a thousand reports. We use data to understand real behavior and unexpressed needs. We invest in user research. We are ambassadors of our customers and always represent their best interests at all times. We exist to make our customers successful.

Think long term; focus on impact

We aspire to create a better world. We undertake challenging missions that create big impact. We take decisions based on long term interests rather than short term outcomes. We bet on bold moves that create long term value for our customers and for the society. Rome was not built in a day.

Bias for action

We do things. Now! We do whatever it takes to produce results. We act in good faith. Know that your team and organisation will support you. We are decisive. We realize that bad decision is better than indecision. We rather do something now with insufficient information rather than analyse ourselves to death.

Pursue excellence

We relentlessly pursue quality and excellence, and expect the same from our teams and peers. We see our work as a reflection of our own self. We do not tolerate mediocrity. We care for the minor details, even those that are under the carpet.

Always hungry for more

We are never fully done. We are hungry for impact. We seek greater challenges. We create more opportunities than we are bestowed with. We have miles to go before we sleep.

Take Ownership

We rise above our defined roles and titles to solve problems and deliver results. We own the results of our actions; We take responsibility for our failures.

Take risks; fail fast, fail safe

We challenge assumptions, and conventions. We try new things. We experiment. We launch fast and learn quickly. We know that our failure is not in failing, but is in not learning from our failures.

Exercise judgment

We understand that culture of taking risks also requires us to act with considerable judgment. We take informed decisions quickly; we know we will neither have 100% information, nor 100% supervision. We take decisions in the best interest of our customers and our company.

Debate, decide, deliver; disagree and commit

We represent the interests of our stakeholders. But when opinions & requirements collide, we debate, decide, and deliver . The best ideas win. Not the loudest voice or the highest title. When the decision is not aligned with our own views, we disagree and commit to the success of the team.

Share knowledge

Knowledge is power. We mentor and teach our peers, our teams, and our fraternity. We believe in sharing our knowledge to drive innovation and solve problems. We contribute to the collective learning of the organization, and the world.

Open, honest, and direct

We act with moral courage. We are empowered to question the best of plans. We believe we can still be polite and respectful, even when we are having a difficult, open, honest and direct conversation. We stand up to what we believe is right, even when it may be uncomfortable to do so.

Integrity of thought, purpose, and action

Integrity weaves the very fabric of all our core values. We earn the trust of our customers, and peers, through our actions that consistently demonstrate our integrity at all times. We walk the extra mile to deliver on our promises. We pursue our vision, mission and goals with integrity of thought, purpose and actions. We stick to our core values in good times, and in bad times. Integrity defines our moral compass. Integrity is everything for us.


We seek to understand before demanding to be understood. We are aware that our customers, sellers, and partners, are investing in our promises. Their lives are tied to ours. We know that our colleagues are working harder than we think they are. We do our best so that their efforts do not go in vain.


We understand that our success is a function of number of people, living and long dead, who have done their jobs well. We do not act with a sense of entitlement. We look in the mirror when we fail; we look outside the window when we succeed. We think big but we guard against delusions of grandeur.

Build and lead happy teams

People are our biggest and perhaps the only asset. We know that our success is a function of our ability to attract and retain the best talent. We understand that strong teams win; a group of strong individuals may not. We hire great people who can embody our culture, and we create an excellent environment for them to thrive, learn and grow. We have fun. Life is beautiful. We are here to make a difference, cheerfully. 🙂

Join us in our mission

If you believe your values are aligned to ours, and if you have the hunger to work with a world class team to solve challenging problems and impact real lives, we would love to hear from you.

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