Visual Designer (UI)

Job Description:

As a Visual Designer at Jumbotail you will –

    • Create visually relevant and appealing designs for our set of users who can be both, customers and/or operations personnel
    • Work collaboratively with teams (Product, Design, Customer Delight, Business, Marketing) to understand their needs, align with our customer needs and also understand the product’s needs
    • Communicate the complex concepts in the customer app and in-house apps
    • Invest in understanding the user, gain insights and tailor-make the UI/visual communication accordingly
    • Take concepts of what is Jumbotail and explain Jumbotail’s value proposition to the customer in a simple design language
    • Work in collaboration with the merchandising team and graphic designers to shape the visual language of Jumbotail
    • Help build the brand guidelines and use them across all functions including marketing campaigns and offline communication channels
    • Help in designing the packaging and branding of in-house brands



An ideal candidate for this role is someone who has-

  • A degree in design i.e B.Des or M.Des from NID, IIT or any other Tier 1 design school in India or any reputed international university.
  • Compulsive problem solving with excellent visualization, collaboration, and communication skills
  • Ability to understand user-centered design processes and implement it in a day-to-day operations
  • Ability to understand the complex systems, processes and relationships of people and products.
  • Ability to creatively solve problems at all levels of detail – from the big picture to the nuts and bolts.
  • Experience in designing mobile apps for indian audience.
  • Great communication skills – ability to present design, communicate concepts and explain design choices.


We are looking for warriors who have the hunger to impact real lives and who can match our high bar on Core Values that we live by.

If you-

  • can apply first principles thinking to solve problems
  • can envision a great future that you want create
  • have the fire in your belly to get out of your cube and do something about your vision and passion
  • want to work with some really smart people, and still raise the bar for all of us
  • can have fun and help your colleagues have fun doing all of the above..

…we would like to hear from you…

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