Product Manager

Job Description:

As a Product Manager at Jumbotail you will –

  • Be the ambassador of our customers and address their needs and solve their problems by collaborating with our engineering and business teams.
  • Be fullstack hero – from coming up with outstanding product vision and long term product strategy that is aligned with company vision and strategy, to getting your hands dirty and work with engineers and business teams to deliver new products and features.
  • Be accountable for products and business metrics; you will relentlessly deliver world class customer experience through data backed decisions.
  • Envision products that help our business leaders achieve their business goals and drive growth. You will be responsible for the product from inception to launch and iteration, and will drive a cross-functional team to deliver innovative solutions to the market.
  • Own one or a number of our products on web, mobile, or platforms.
  • Open up new possibilities to our customers and partners through your vision, creativity, and business skills.
  • Be the guardian of customer experience and place customer first, even when relentlessly driving business growth for business and operations.



An ideal candidate for this role is someone who has-

  • Preferably (not mandatorily) an MBA from ISB, IIM-A,B,C, or any other Tier 1 College in India or reputed International University and B.Tech (mandatorily) in CS/EE from IIT, NIT, BITS or any other Tier 1 College.
  • At least B.Tech degree from CS/EE from IIT with a background in software engineering in consumer internet products in case he/she doesn’t hold an MBA degree.
  • At least 2 years of consumer internet Product Management experience. Should have launched consumer internet products, and managed it through entire product lifecycle – concept, prototype, launch, and iteration cycles.
  • Built products powered by big data/algorithms.
  • Strong ability to do data driven product management (and even general) decision making.
  • Hands on experience in data mining, click stream analysis, and would have a good knowledge of statistical techniques.
  • Impeccable communication skills – both spoken and written.
  • A good understanding of FMCG retail business is an advantage. However, having strong sense of business and retail, is sufficient.
  • Demonstrated ability to interface with management (Founders) and business leaders across the startup, drive vision, strategy, and influence decisions.
  • The experience of being all stack leader that can juggle driving prioritization conversations and business strategy meetings with founders, and cross functional business stakeholders, and at the same time, be able to debate on efficient algorithms with data scientists, do a design review with designers, or dive deep into technical discussions with engineering teams about how their current tech choices and approach could impact future business requirements.
  • Strong courage of conviction displayed with Humility and Empathy. Fire in the belly to build world changing products.


We are looking for warriors who have the hunger to impact real lives and who can match our high bar on Core Values that we live by.

If you-

  • can apply first principles thinking to solve problems
  • can envision a great future that you want create
  • have the fire in your belly to get out of your cube and do something about your vision and passion
  • want to work with some really smart people, and still raise the bar for all of us
  • can have fun and help your colleagues have fun doing all of the above..

…we would like to hear from you…

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