Jumbotail is committed to hiring the best talent available. People are not our most important asset. Great people are. We are looking for superstars in our People Experience & Development team who can lead the People development processes and talent management end to end. The right candidate would help us build a company of great character, build a great employer brand, build and lead a talent acquisition function to source the best of talent across multiple functions and domains, invest in processes for training and development of people and develop in house leaders, align the employees with vision and mission of the company, and help build an awesome culture that is true to our core values.


  • 5-15 yrs of experience in human resources function (as the industry calls it). Min 3yrs of TA experience. Preferable to have startup experience
  • Experience in Tech/Product/Design Hiring a must.
  • Must have conducted or actively taken part in organizing campus programs
  • Handling of entire range of HR business processes.
  • MBA in HR in top institutes or post graduation in psychology or any other equivalent field.

Five fundamental problem statements People Experience & Development team will own:

  • How can we build a company with great character, at scale?
    • For each function/domain and level of the employee, what are the top 3 to 5 core values (among the 15 values) are absolutely critical? Work collaboratively with people managers in each domain and identify them.
    • What does embodying each of our core values mean to different team members in different function at different levels?
      • Egs: What does ‘Share Knowledge’ means to a Software Engineer? to Head of Engineering? What if she/he does, she can know she is embodying Share Knowledge? What if she/he does, she can understand she doesn’t embody?
      • What does the same core value ‘Share Knowledge’ mean to a Field Executive doing customer deliveries? To a Customer Delight Agent? To a Category Manager? To a Loader in Fulfilment Centre?
    • How can we make our core values the constitution, the framework, the guiding light of everyday decision making, and everyday execution at the grassroots level?
    • How can we empower even the most entry level roles such as a security guard to be able to challenge even the Founders on any issue using the core values framework? Its not about the people, or how much power or responsibility they hold, but it’s always about the situation in which people are embodying or not embodying our values, and anyone in the food chain should have the obligation, opportunity and power to question anyone else basis the core values framework.
  • How can we build a company that celebrates diversity, not just gender diversity, but all kinds of diversity?
    • Promoting and celebrating Gender diversity:
      • How can we drive a culture where all team members understand the advantages and diversity that women bring, and understand the challenges women face?
      • How can we educate our team to wholeheartedly support the cause of gender diversity in every which way, and make Jumbotail a great and safe place for women to work and thrive?
    • Promote all kinds of talent diversity:
      • How can we make Jumbotail the place for people with raw talent in any walk of life to get an opportunity to contribute?
      • How can we prepare our hiring managers to look beyond experience and look at potential, and hire from diverse industries such as Airlines, Mining, Manufacturing, Education, and help us become the melting pot of great talent who cross pollinate disruptive ideas to drive innovation and change in our business?
  • How can we build grassroot level leadership and prepare our company for scaling?
    • How can we identify potential leaders from within, invest in them, help them grow, not just to be leaders in our company, but also in their domain fraternity.
    • What programs should we conceptualize, run, iterate to prepare our young leaders to take on the challenges we face today, and prepare them to lead us into our tomorrow?
    • How can we scale without diluting our core values? We do not want to import leaders as we scale. We want homegrown leaders who understand our culture and core values, and serve as emulatable beacons for others who join our journey as we scale.
  • How can we engender empathy, mutual respect, and cross functional collaboration in a full stack marketplace with extensive breadth of functions – tech, business, supply chain, and more?
    • We have tech/product/design talent building cutting edge tech, full stack supply chain operations that works round the clock 24x7x365 all through the year, category managers,business developers, customer delight agents, and more. All of them come together in their own ways, to deliver a great customer experience. Yet, all of them come from distinctly different talent pool, work routines, schedules, solving fundamentally different problem statements individually, which all collectively adds up to deliver a great customer experience.
    • At a more human level, how do we balance the expectations of each team? How do we drive respect and empathy between functions such that people understand that a designer working on a design problem in the comforts of a AC office contributes no less or more than a Field Executive delivering to our customers unfailingly even on rainy days.  
  • How can we attract, develop, reward, and retain the very best of talent? How can we make Jumbotail the best and most sought after place to work for?
    • How can we build a great employer brand?  How do we define our employer brand personality and collaboratively define our personality, and relentlessly build the brand?
    • We hire for values and yet we do not want to compromise on skills. Yet, there is very limited talent pool available who are at the intersection of great values and great skills.
    • The solution to scale with very best does not lie in attracting the very best, but figuring out how to identify talent who are great culture fit (no compromises there) with great potential (not necessarily meeting the skill bar yet), and develop them into great talent.
    • The point about diversity fits here – score of great people from old school companies and industries want to get into tech startup revolution. How can we identify the best among them, and provide them a platform to succeed, and create value for our customers.
    • Create a feedback loop for our hiring decisions, based on employee performance. Feed the interview feedback during appraisals, and appraisal feedback into learning how to interview better, and continuously help improve our hiring.

Last but not the least….takes care of the routine 101 things that also need to be done

  • Development and administration of policies, and programs, owning the aspects of compliance requirements, develop competency matrix, define career progression paths, formulate and administer compensation and benefits plan, create processes for employees to seek all kinds of help and support, run performance appraisal processes,
  • Talent acquisition life cycle, employer branding, prospective employee engagement, college recruitment, contests, hackathons, events.

We believe providing great experience and enduring value to our team members is the starting point to create frictionless experiences and enduring value to our customers and partners. We are looking for someone who can own the above problem statements, and help us build a team that will fundamentally transform the food and grocery ecosystem in India, forever, for the better.