Job Description:

As a Catalog Specialist with Jumbotail you will-

  • Create, manage and share the Catalog operations reports (daily/weekly/monthly) with Manager and Stakeholders.
  • Create new or modify existing processes to improve the productivity, TAT, efficiency and accuracy of the Catalog operation.
  • Plan and manage the allocation of different teams like Photographer, Editor, Catalog specialist and Associate.
  • Create and review the product catalogs for food & grocery products which includes filling all the info about the product as per category guidelines & adding catalogue images as per image guidelines.
  • Populate 100% accurate content from various sources (Brand Websites, E commerce Portals, Product info Pages, Seller’s, Consumers, Companies, Subject Matter Experts) for specific as well as general information about the product through various channels (Verbal & Written communication, through on ground activities as well as through various online search techniques).
  • Do the quality check for the catalogue images as per Image guidelines, to review product catalogs based on category guidelines and ensure that delivered data is 100% accurate and complete with a positive impact on customer experience.
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders like Catalog Quality, Merchandising, Supply Chain, Business, Tech, Customer Delight etc to build the processes or tool based on their requirements to deliver better results from Catalog operations team.
  • Do frequent checks on existing processes to help the Catalog team achieve more consistent results with high quality and to own new projects which will aim at achieving high productivity of an individual/team.
  • Train & mentor the new joiners about the Cataloging processes & guidelines.
  • Help/support the team members to resolve the technical & operational issues.



We are looking for leaders at all levels who have the hunger to work with some of the smartest people, who are driven by a sense of purpose, and who wish to leave a legacy in their respective domains and among their professional fraternity. We are not just building apps or tech platforms, but rather building distributed ecosystems connected through intelligent technology that can change the face of the food and grocery consumption pipelines in India, forever, for the better.

An ideal candidate for this role is someone who has-

  • Graduate/Post Graduate degree in any discipline
  • Minimum 3-4 years experience in cataloging process at reputed e-commerce company
  • Ability to communicate orally, write and read
  • Ability to own things and go beyond requirements
  • Openness to feedback, willingness to take initiatives and additional responsibilities
  • Ability to switch priorities and move quickly among different tasks
  • Ability to create reports and passionate to do analysis to improve the teams performance
  • Passion to acquire the required information from any source (from online sources or from on ground activities)
  • High quality attention to details and deadline oriented approach
  • Good cataloging knowledge and internet research skills to source information
  • Ability to handle stressful situations, maintain composure, and communicate clearly with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Exemplary planning and time management skills


We would like to hear from candidates who have the hunger to impact real lives and who can match our high bar on Core Values that we live by.


If you-

  • can apply first principles thinking to solve problems
  • can envision a great future that you want create
  • have the fire in your belly to get out of your cube and do something about your vision and passion
  • want to work with some really smart people, and still raise the bar for all of us
  • can have fun and help your colleagues have fun doing all of the above..


…feel free to reach out to us at