Business Development Manager

Job Description:

As a Business Development Manager at Jumbotail you will-

      • Identify new business opportunities and retail partners to generate revenue, improve profitability, and help the business grow.
      • Identify locations and map retail partners in each J24 store and reach signed up targets and leading a highly efficient and motivated field teamwork along with J24 store Launch managers to introduce new stores.
      • Be expected to meticulously monitor the performance of the store launched for the incubation period and coordinate with different teams such as merchandising, customer product, retail operations, and account managers, etc. to work towards its improvement and also to refine the process of lead
        generation and closure of contracts.
      • Hold the responsibility of multiple store agreements and launch of the stores.
    • Be involved in careful strategic planning and positioning in the appropriate markets, or enhancing the operation of the business, position, or reputation in some way.


An ideal candidate for this role is someone who has-

      • 4-6 years of professional experience in channel sales ( preferably in Corporate sales and consulting).
      • Willingness to work on the field and get hands dirty.
      • Knowledge of regional languages preferred.
      • An MBA degree from Tier 2 / Tier 3 institutions who is vibrant and want to build a career will be considered for the role.
    • Solid knowledge of category management, marketing and sales principles.

We are looking for warriors who have the hunger to impact real lives and who can match our high bar on Core Values that we live by.

If you-

  • can apply first principles thinking to solve problems
  • can envision a great future that you want create
  • have the fire in your belly to get out of your cube and do something about your vision and passion
  • want to work with some really smart people, and still raise the bar for all of us
  • can have fun and help your colleagues have fun doing all of the above..

…we would like to hear from you..

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