Assistant Manager / Manager – Fulfillment Centre

Job Description:

As an Assistant Manager / Manager – Fulfillment Centre at Jumbotail you will handle one or more of following processes-


  • Maintain Dock to stock time at 2 hrs
  • Unload vehicles on time
  • Schedule inwards by setting up processes and controls
  • Ensure inward quality checks are done as per defined standards
  • Maintain Inwarding accuracy at 100%, which includes PO audit, invoice audit, material audit, MRP audit, Manufacturing date audit, weight audit
  • Palletise/Binning accuracy and quality to be maintained with audit to ensure zero error
  • Put away into right locations as assigned by inventory team, audit the putaway to ensure accuracy
  • Update systems with accurate data on location and inventory


  • Maintain inventory accuracy of 99.5%
  • Ensure FIFO is followed
  • Implement processes to control inventory errors
  • Audit inventory on regular basis using different methods based on inventory category
  • Ensure expiry stocks are reported and moved to quarantine/liquidation area
  • Communicate the near expiry stock to the business team and clear the inventory
  • Communicate days of inventory held in the warehouse and incase of excess coordinate with business team on clearing them
  • Implement checks and processes and find root cause for inventory inaccuracy and fix them on regular basis


  • Manage picking, sorting, packing and dispatch of items to end customer
  • Achieve 100% picking accuracy
  • Achieve 100% dispatch accuracy
  • Implement processes to improve efficiency and utilisation
  • Close escalation tickets within 12hrs
  • Reduce damages and wrong dispatches


  • Implement measures to improve productivity
  • Implement processes to improve efficiency and utilization
  • Maintain high quality standards while handling the material
  • Implement safety measures and ensure zero accidents
  • Manage, motivate and build a strong team
  • Support the FC Manager in initiatives and act as second line in command in his absence
  • Reduce operations cost by increased efficiency, productivity, utilisation and better controls on consumables



An ideal candidate for this role is someone who has-

  • Graduation/Post Graduation degree with 2+ years of experience in FMCG/Grocery fast throughput warehouse operations
  • Experience in warehouse operation leading a team size >10
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Sincere bias for action and be passionate about achieving results and driving production through efficiency and process improvement.
  • Ability to manage detail and establish root cause.
  • Ability to thrive on change, inclined to operate with flexibility and commit the time required to get the job done. Work shifts, including weekends, in an operational 7/365 environment.
  • Willingness to relocate if necessary.


We are looking for warriors who have the hunger to impact real lives and who can match our high bar on Core Values that we live by.

If you-

  • can apply first principles thinking to solve problems
  • can envision a great future that you want create
  • have the fire in your belly to get out of your cube and do something about your vision and passion
  • want to work with some really smart people, and still raise the bar for all of us
  • can have fun and help your colleagues have fun doing all of the above..

…we would like to hear from you…

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